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Zenatix Launches its IoT Based Product WattMan: Helps Retail and BFSI Businesses Save Up to 20% on Their Energy Bills

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Headquartered in Gurgaon, Zenatix, an Internet of things (IoT)-based energy management start-up announced the launch of its new product WattMan. Built over a robust IoT stack, WattMan allows retail and BFSI Corporates ensure governance, quality of service, and risk mitigation across their distributed infrastructure through automated and intelligent controls.

The technology prowess in building the hardware (controller), firmware, software, and analytics is driven by the core IP that Zenatix has created. WattMan is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware includes sensors for monitoring energy, temperature, humidity, and other important parameters. The hardware also includes control equipment for automated control of ACs and Signage’s. WattMan’s cloud-based software provides accessibility and configurability over the web and mobile.

The company started building the product over 9 months ago and referring to the product, Amarjeet Singh, CTO & Co-founder, Zenatix, said, “WattMan provides a centralized system which helps consumers govern energy consumption at their geographically spread out sites and achieve significant reductions in energy bills, by understanding the energy consumption pattern at various system/ appliances levels, and by configuring actions that get automatically executed.” He added, “Besides real-time energy monitoring, we also develop sophisticated energy analytics models to achieve complex control settings which are otherwise not possible with manual control. WattMan through the energy consumption analysis, regulates the time and temperature for the signage and air-conditioners respectively to operate. It starts with time-based control that addresses many challenges with regards to energy wastage, and governance across distributed infrastructure. WattMan then takes this control to the next level by integrating with other systems to perform more sophisticated control.”

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