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Your guide to the top IIoT companies

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IIoT equipment is expected to have longer product life spans than consumer hardware. This makes selecting the right vendor and right product more daunting. Here’s help.

IIoT companies

IIoT companies

IIoT companies-For any enterprise hardware purchase, selecting the right product from the right vendor is paramount for ensuring good value upfront, as well as ensuring adequate support throughout the lifetime of the equipment. For IIoT vendors, separating the wheat from the chaff is an arduous and painstaking process — particularly as the field is overrun with startups, making the prospect of buying a product anticipated to have a decade-plus lifespan from a company that may have only existed for a few years. The prospect alone is enough to give IT decision makers an uneasy feeling.

“When you talk about Industrial IoT, you’re talking about companies who are going to put it in the very center of their industrial operation. They need this stuff to work. They need low downtime. They want a vendor that’s going to stick around. So, it’s going to be big companies — although I talk to IIoT startups all the time that hope that to get in, but usually they’re hoping to get bought by one of these big companies and plugged into the stack,” said Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and Principal Analyst for IoT at Constellation Research, “And so that’s really what it is. Everyone’s looking for a big company that’s stable, that has a complete end-to-end solution that will everything that they want.”

The big companies referred to are Microsoft, GE, PTC, Siemens, and Uptake, although Hinchcliffe notes that there are approximately 250 startups in the field. Enumerating the ‘top companies’ in IIoT is next to impossible, as disparate market segments and use cases make the best fit for your company entirely subjective. That said, understanding how to integrate IIoT in your existing business operations is the best first step to finding the right vendor for your organization.

What are the most compelling use cases for Industrial Internet of Things?

Predictive Maintenance & Optimization

Determining when components are nearing failure — and scheduling downtime for maintenance, rather than waiting for potentially catastrophic failure — is of great interest to industrial firms, due to the cascading consequences that system outages can have across business segments.

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