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YouAR Out Of Stealth With AR Cloud Breakthrough

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YouAR, of Portland, OR, is coming out of stealth with a product that addresses some of the most vexing problems in AR, including convergent cross-platform computer vision (real-time interaction between ARKit and ARCore devices), interactivity of multiple AR apps in the same location across devices, real-time scene mapping, geometric occlusion of digital objects, localization of devices beyond GPS (the AR Cloud), and the bundle drop of digital assets into remote locations. Together, this represents a heretofore unheard of stack of AR and computer vision features we have yet to see in AR, and could revolutionize the development of new apps.

The activity around Computer Vision (CV) and the AR Cloud is white hot. and Ubiquity6, which are also tackling these fundamental AR problems with important, original solutions, made financing announcements earlier this week. Last month, we talked about Placenote and Dent Reality‘s approaches to the AR Cloud and persistent geolocation of data in an AR cloud.

In addition, on Tuesday, Betaworks presented the AR class of its Visionworks accelerator. Notable was Selerio, which brings together the real world and the virtual world by creating a 3D map of objects in a room and replaces or compliments them with digital assets. As we see in the video below, Selerio can then have a virtual character interact with a real computer. The company was spun out of Cambridge University in England. Selerio CEO Ghislain Tasse said he believes this will be more valuable than Google Search. Selerio is seeking another round of funding for its solutions. which is seeking to create a CV solution which I call a Universal Visual Browser (UVB).

6D.aiUbiquity6, Placenote, and Selerio are venture-backed companies led by visionary technology entrepreneurs and backed by some of the most respected names in tech. YouAR, is a dark horse and underdog in this respect, which makes their story that much more delicious. It’s spin-off of Bent Image Lab, a media production company in Portland led by Ray Di Carlo, who with his partner David Daniels have self-funded YouAR for the past four years. They have seven patents pending and a working demo that blew my socks off. Today they announced they are seeking investment partners to scale their platform.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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