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Yancoal to migrate to SAP on AWS

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Shifts thinking from on-premises model.

Yancoal Australia is set to migrate its enterprise resource planning system from on-premises SAP to a hosted version run by integrator ASG Group.

The Chinese-backed miner, which recently took over the Coal & Allied coal mines in NSW that were formerly owned by Rio Tinto, has operations in NSW and Queensland and employs about 5500 people.

The company has a long-standing deal with ASG to manage its SAP environment, but has decided to shift from an on-premises to cloud-based model.

ASG said in a statement that it has signed a five-year deal to migrate Yancoal across to its ‘New World’ ERP-as-a-service offering.

Though available in both SAP and Oracle flavours, Yancoal is sticking with SAP.

ASG said the the new SAP ERP platform would have “2000 users at Yancoal” and that it would be hosted on AWS infrastructure.

“Alongside the hosted platform is an application managed service (AMS) and an
infrastructure managed service (IMS),” ASG said.

Gareth Flannery, ASG’s general manager of enterprise applications and analytics, said the shift would “deliver serious cost reductions for Yancoal” while driving improvements in decision-making and general efficiency.

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