Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

 Imagine a world without glass…

Such a diverse discovery and its reflection doesn’t lie. It may reflect distortion with imperfections or ripples as above, but it will not lie. Its physical form may project mis-shaped reflection but it will always be true to the true object or being seeing the reflection. The reflection is not an interpretation, it is a 100% representation of what stands before what is being reflected.

Imagine a world without humans…

Such a diverse discovery, our world has been moulded around its use and glass has been moulded around our world. This is a close resemblance, one could argue, to that of human-beings. We mould around the world laid before us, as the world moulds around our actions. Nature changes, chemical fusions & reactions adapt and mould to what we create, global warming comes to mind. Our creations echo in this new world of innovation and constant evolution in technology. The use of glass is an echo of discovery, which dates back to as early as 400bc.

Imagine a world without technology…

Look around you, what can you see? A mirror? A window? A mobile phone? A pair of glasses? If there was no glass what would be different? What would be in place of all these common features within our society? My first thought would be perspex, not sure if that would work or be as productive as glass, but certainly a solution. Either way, you will have an answer of some sort, productive i hope!? All it took for your answer of a potential solution, based on what you know, is a question, an open question!
What you don’t know, I hope you will seek. Look at your screen, what do you see on your screen everyday? A programme, an application, a system? Can you see into your system? Or are you or your company confined to limited programming? Imagine an organisation without programming? How is your information shared between partners or employees? Where is your business development team storing key parts of information for future sales? What does your order processing consist of? Who or what holds together your infrastructure? Glass will play a role within your business world, but Glass is not the catalyst. You are the catalyst. You can decide to look for the questions and find the right solutions. I guarantee you will look through glass and see a solution to advance your world.

Imagine a world without glass…

What is your question? What solution do you have? Have you discovered an echo or unique solution? Will your discovery echo? How can, or how will you change your world? The evolution of IT can change your world, all you need to do is absorb change and see through the glass to make it happen.

By Mark

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