Mon. Sep 13th, 2021

Newly launched Samsung S20 one of most powerful mobile in market Zoom with virtual reality and Augmented reality

Look at this view where CAMERA try to mimick Human Eye But not able to scale up Some times in clarity. But where its catching up.
What i call as EAGLE Eye feature: Now Camera can see far beyond human eye can comprehend hence its extension of limits on our sensory organ we are already using Reading glasses Woruld we have eagle eye like glasses or EAGLE EYE zoom cmara which can zoom long distances.

Look at same shot in two different weather

4K video Clarity While camera on speedy moving vehicle 5.

Corona Virus Empty City Tram Station : See how 20X shading clarity on shaded non shaded area clarity:

SAMSUNG 20S NEWS features Recording feature with self potrait inserted. CORONA VIRUS stastics update warning.
Look at focs on recovery rate statistics in video my appearance.


8   (WARNING CORNA VIRUS UK And India) Example of 20X zoom of street videography:

9  news feature

10. Corona Update 3:

11.  Wild photography plot scence:

12. ecological park shot colors are vibrant with 4000k :

13. moving train :

14. 60 storey condomium Top zoom from 2 kms away:

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