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Will AI Replace Humans

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Will AI replace humans?

The solution rests on one basic question — do amounts, along with the math we use to do things together, actually reflect reality?

But today we’re attempting to make thinking machines utilizing those exact numbers and mathematics.  The dilemma is that thinking could be a fundamentally different thing from anyplace else on earth, one that can not be expressed via the numbers and mathematics we’ve.

One of the mathematician suggests that numbers and math, are the cornerstone of our efforts to calculate consciousness and make sentience(AGI), are incomplete representations of fact and may be inadequate to really produce machines that believe.

The intriguing issue is that it is definitely true and instinctive when the “item” is something material, such as a thing or an act.  Obviously, “a cup” isn’t its 2D projection, but it is not its 3D HD picture.

However, the aim and most likely the validity of the statement breaks down if the “item” is something subjective.  In the event the abstract thing resides in the area of advice, then the legislation of advice used to it.  Meaning XY if both would be the exact same sort of advice, even though their representations are distinct, even when we defined X and just afterward Y.

If we presume that our brains have been advice then why can not we pass this info to computers?

We do not have mathematics for Subjective encounters.  An individual could assert that Math does not work here.

I’d initiate the research here using the easiest subjective experience — pain (easy physical pain).   How can we be confident it really feels pain?  Is pain details?  I am unsure that science has great answers to those questions.

Will Robots replace our jobs ?

There are predictions (research conducted by Oxford University in back in 2013that 47% of jobs in the US were under threat of automation in the next two decades.

However, even if we have as many as 47% of jobs automated, it doesn’t necessarily means 47% unemployment. Possibly, we might just need to work reasonably less hours and get paid reasonably well. If you remember before the Industrial Revolution, people used to work 60 hours per week and after the revolution it reduced to 40 hours per week. The same could happen with the future AI and Robots Revolution.

Secondly, in the past, technologies have created more jobs than destroy them and it could happen in the future too. There is no reason to suppose that it won’t be the case in the future. Future is very unpredictable and there is no economics written to confirm the future of jobs for next few decades.

That being said, Robots, machines and AI will replace humans wherever humans are not needed to do the work such as in manufacturing lines, automatic cars, home delivery by drones etc. Robots will also replace the numbers , it won’t be 1 human v/s 1 robot for example currently there are thousands of people work in assembly lines , it might be replaced by only a couple of robots

In the next fifty to hundred years, machines will be super-humans and unassumingly machines will perform better than for the above mentioned jobs. This means the only jobs left will be where we prefer humans over machines such as arts, movies, music etc.

The key point to note is robot’s don’t need to buy a house, eat food and have the willingness to be rich and successful, they will be machines just doing the job, so even if more robots will do the job, I think there won’t be unemployment we might just need to work 10 hours a week.

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