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Will AI, Machine Learning, and CRM Change the Day-To-Day Works of Your Sales Teams

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Machine Learning and CRM

Machine Learning and CRM

Machine Learning and CRM- When you consider AI, and Machine Learning, you may conjure images of multiple autonomous robots taking over the human world.

Nevertheless, there is a long road to tread before anything like that happens.

However, this is also a reality of the present times, that AI and Machine Learning is already playing a big part in all of our lives.

For example, have you ever booked a ride from Lyft or Uber? Browsed for your favorite movie recommendations on Netflix? Checked newsfeeds that pull your interests in Facebook?

If you have done any of the following, you should easily understand the power of AI-powered technology that helps in catering personalized sartorial experiences.

In the modern times, with the plethora of online data being collected through the internet, several global business organizations are already making use of Artificial Intelligence to understand customer preferences and their behaviors with the help of easy to use CRM software platforms.

To a commoner, AI is a branch of technology that makes machines capable of imitating intelligent human behavior, to carry out tasks and solve problems that are uncomplicated for humans but are difficult for computers.

The terms AI and Machine Learning are often juxtaposed to complement each other, however, in reality, they not the same.

According to a web article published in Tech Republic, it states that:
“Machine learning is one subfield of AI. The core principle here is that machines take data and “learn” for themselves.”

But what is precisely Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and NLP?

Therefore, while Artificial Intelligence is a broader terminology that defines a technology that enables machines to simulate human tasks, Machine Learning, on the other hand, focuses on receiving and thereafter adapting to up-to-the-minute information, which is essentially becoming “smarter” by every passing day.

Similarly, NLP or Natural Language Processing is another subfield within AI that deals with the ability of the computers to recognize, understand and then interpreter languages used by the humans, the way they are written or spoken today.

With Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others entering the fray, 2017 has been the year of AI.

According to a Bloomberg Terminal analysis, businesses those that included the terminology “AI” in their quarterly earnings increased from under 20 in 2014 to approximately 200 at the end of 2016.

Additionally, Artificial Intelligence is also changing the sales landscape very rapidly, and we can be sure that it is here to stay.

Although most among us are acquainted with the power and potential of Artificial Intelligence technology, which can help in improving the quality of “hard” quantitative metrics, like lead generation, conversion rates, customer lifecycle measurement, and others. Nevertheless, we give little thought to the ways in with Artificial Intelligence can also affect and help to maintain intangibles like our relationships.

Therefore, in this article let us delve into one of the yet overlooked, but most promising aspect of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and its ability to transform the relationship forged by your sales teams with the help of an easy to use CRM software platform.

AI can perform mundane tasks, enabling sales professionals to focus on more significant works

Most sales teams using CRM software platforms spends a considerable time doing repetitive tasks, like qualifying leads that make them stay away from more important endeavors like closing sales or meeting their sales goals.

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