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Why Your CRM Is Lying to You

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For a time, the world’s most populated zip code (according to data entered online) was 90210. Not because of the actual number of people living in the small and exclusive enclave of the rich and famous, but instead because large numbers of people outside of the US, when asked to enter their zip code to access content or complete a form, simply entered the zip code referenced on hit 90’s tv show, ‘Beverly Hills 90210’.

Now, why would this small snippet of pop culture have anything to do with CRM? The answer is because it is symptomatic of practices we see across many businesses today. The vast majority of companies using CRM software do so to organize their prospects and manage the sales pipeline – using the data recorded to forecast future revenues and plan accordingly. As a theory it’s flawless. In

In execution, however, we hear numerous complaints; the sales team is frustrated by the onerous, administrative task of updating the information and so, often doesn’t, or if they do, they rush to meet a deadline, provide the very least required and move on.

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