is a provider of software as a service (SaaS) for cloud computing and social enterprises based in San Francisco. It was established in March 1999, in the division by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff.

Of its platforms and applications in the cloud, the company is best famous for its Salesforce Customer Management (CRM) product, which is inclusive of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud,, Chatter and

In a decade and a half, Salesforce has been deployed internationally in approximately every possible industry in every conceivable business size.

Salesforce has become the most excellent sales automation provider, in the best customer service cloud, in the best marketing analyst and in offering excellent development support.

Why is Salesforce successful?

  • Constant platform
  • Modern technology (Salesforce is the # 1 innovator in Forbes)
  • Regular releases (3 releases in a year ensure continuous innovation)
  • The powerful API system
  • Reasonable for all
  • Friendly developer
  • Amazing Partner EcoSystem. Salesforce takes superior care of partners and nourishes them very well, which in turn provides good business and loyal customers.

Introducing Salesforce Integration Cloud:

Connecting disparate data sources and systems to construct customer experiences remains the one most significant challenge for developers. The latest Salesforce cloud integration comprises a set of services and tools that make it simple for clients to disclose their data, regardless of where they live and provide experiences of intelligent and linked customers in all channels and points of contact. The integration cloud will have three layers:

  1. Integration platform: Salesforce has accepts a final agreement to obtain MuleSoft, one of the essential platforms for creating application networks that attach applications, data and business devices, through any cloud and local. MuleSoft will carry on to build up its image of the application network with its Anypoint platform, which is by now being utilised by the right number innovative brands in the globe, and will also drive the latest integration cloud. All suggestion to Mulesoft and its products are focus to the closing of the transaction.
  2. Integration Builder: Administrators can create a single view of the clients in all their Salesforce deployments, as well as in their whole network of business systems, all with tick, not code. Besides, administrators can handle all of these associates via a unified management console.
  3. Integration experiences: By repeatedly gathering Salesforce clients data in entirely latest ways, administrators can generate truly integrated end-to-end client experiences in sales, services, marketing, commerce, and many more. For example, an administrator can effortlessly utilise Lightning App Builder to bring trade order history data to the Lightning service console, allowing service representatives to convert service interactions into cross-selling and new sales chance. , without having to leave the console.

Salesforce is more than a CRM solution. Gather all customer information in a single, incorporated platform that allows people to build a customer-centric business from marketing to sales analysis, customer service and business. It gives people a whole understanding of customers to drive the success of the company. That’s why it called as Customer Success Platform. The Salesforce Cloud Integration Services offer clients a set of services which help people to provide data for various functions.


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