Sat. Nov 20th, 2021

The concept of lean management has been around for decades. It was originally incorporated in manufacturing industries to eliminate waste, enhance productivity, build customer value, and deliver perfection. The mindset helped industries to grow at a rapid pace with better productivity and efficiency. It has come a long way down the line, and almost every industry considers its adoption a wise choice. The number of businesses embracing the Six Sigma methodology is increasing as it is more relevant than ever in pandemic times. Let us explain why going lean makes sense in 2021 and beyond.

Focus on technology

The focus of businesses right now is on technology. Embracing innovation is the only way to survive and thrive in the new normal, and lean technology shows the way. It enables you to build robust yet nimble operations that are the need of the hour. No one knows what lies around the corner, and a lean approach gets your business ready for agile moves. It enables you to evolve quickly and keep pace with the ever-changing consumer expectations and market trends.

Create value stream

Six Sigma prioritizes value for customers, and it matters more than ever in pandemic times. Consumers want quality products that fit within budget, and businesses that deliver them have better chances to sustain and grow. Apart from quality products, excellent services make up the other pillar of customer value. Going lean makes your organization excel on both fronts, so you should not miss out on the opportunity.

Eliminate wastage

Waste elimination lies at the core of the lean methodology. Businesses need to cut down waste in 2021 and beyond. It is possible only by optimizing operations. Providing Six Sigma Training to your workforce may be an expense, but these employees will be assets for your business eventually. With their knowledge and skills, they can recommend newer and better ways of work. Your organization ends up saving a fortune by cutting wastes and deriving higher productivity.

Pursue perfection

Even as perfection is only a myth for most businesses, you have to give your best effort to match customer expectations in the competitive landscape. Things get more challenging in the new normal as you have to compete with big brands. They sell quality products at low margins, so matching them gets tough. The lean methodology shows the right direction as it takes you a step closer to perfection in quality, cost, delivery, and timelines.

Support sustainability

The lean approach also supports environmentally sustainable strategies, regardless of the domain you operate in. It involves choosing new equipment and techniques and upgrading the existing ones for sustainable outcomes. Embracing the mindset enables you to improve energy efficiency and cut down the carbon footprint of your business. Not to mention, you can avail of significant savings in energy bills. Further, it also helps you on the compliance front within the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Going lean has never been as vital for organizations as it is now. The best part is that embracing the approach is easier than you imagine. Training your people gives you the start, and they will do the rest.

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