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Cybersecurity Education
The shortage of qualified cybersecurity personnel is visibly apparent with the number of unfilled cybersecurity roles on the rise.
Cybersecurity Education
Cybersecurity Education

Cybersecurity Education- Research shows cyber incidents have increased significantly since 2017 and according to a recent Cybersecurity Breaches Survey, nearly half of all UK businesses reported cyberattacks or security breaches in the last 12 months alone.

The most common cybersecurity threats have included scammers impersonating another business, sending fraudulent emails containing viruses and implanting malware.

Not only can cybersecurity breaches result in lost files, software or website corruption, but they can also result in a loss of assets and intellectual property, hitting businesses of any size hard.

These statistics are concerning but it’s evident that businesses are now doing more to prevent falling victim to cyberattacks.

The shortage of qualified cybersecurity personnel is visibly apparent with the number of unfilled cybersecurity roles on the rise. The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals will continue to exceed available resources with the prediction of 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021.

Cybersecurity expert Melanie Jones from Global Knowledge discusses the importance of upskilling employees, the benefits of cybersecurity training and why it’s imperative for the security and success of your business.

Investment is key

Recent figures suggest cybercrime is costing UK businesses an estimated £21 billion per year. Yet despite having ample opportunity to bolster cybersecurity policies, research has shown that only 42 per cent of FSIs feel their organisation is “extremely effective” or “very effective” in managing cyber exposures.

Those organisations who are looking for long-term solutions in their fight against cyber incidents may find funding cybersecurity training and employing specialist staff a more cost-effective option.

Ongoing cybersecurity training is beneficial to the business as a whole and not just the IT department. This is because even with the greatest people and technology in place, the weakest link in your organisation, when it comes to security, is often your own employees.

For example; BYOD, along with the Internet of Things, can leave your network vulnerable because people in your company are using devices and connections that are not under your security posture.

This vanishing perimeter is just one of the reasons why there should be an even greater emphasis on proper employee cyber hygiene, a good cyber awareness training programme should be made available to everyone within the organisation regardless of their level or role.

When employees feel empowered through training, to act with confidence and are fully aware of any risks, they’ll be less likely to make these kinds of human errors that could cause a devastating breach.

They will also be less likely to spend time questioning their actions or asking IT about a simple task, which is fairly simple to resolve. Armed with the correct knowledge, staff can confidently tackle daily threats and occurrences themselves.

This will also free up your IT department, so they are able to deal with more complex tasks and more serious potential breaches.

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