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What’s Up with 2019? Big Data Predictions

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Big Data Predictions

Big Data Predictions

Big Data Predictions- As 2018 rolls to a close, it’s time to turn our attention to 2019 and the possibility that it holds. What will happen next year is anybody’s guess, which is half the fun in assembling (and hopefully reading) predictions from leaders and experts in the big data and data science fields.

Machine learning had a good year in 2018. But enterprises will embrace machine learning in new and profound ways in 2019, envisions Hilary Mason, GM of machine learning at Cloudera.

“Next year we’ll see a new step in maturity in the enterprise ML transformation as companies advance from proof-of-concepts to production capabilities,” Mason says. “Enterprise ML adoption will continue as businesses look to automate pattern detection, prediction and decision making to drive transformational efficiency improvement, competitive differentiation and growth. We’ll see infrastructure and tooling evolve around efforts to streamline the process of building and deploying ML apps at enterprise scale, including the rise of cloud-native platforms to enable elastic auto-scaling and multi-cloud portability for end-to-end machine learning workflows.”

According to Dell Technologies, the introduction of 5G networks will have us “livin’ on the edge,” (with props to Aerosmith).

“Low-latency, high-bandwidth networks mean more connected things, cars and systems – and a boat load of AI, machine learning and compute happening at the edge, because that’s where all the data will be generated,” the company says. “It won’t be long before we begin to see micro-hubs lining our streets – mini datacenters if you will – that will also give rise to new ‘smart’ opportunities for real-time insights happening on the corner of your street. Cities and towns will become more connected than ever, paving the way for smart cities and digital infrastructure that we predict will be thriving in 2030.  And it’ll be a game changer for industries like healthcare or manufacturing, where data and information being generated out in the field can be quickly processed and analyzed in real time – versus having to travel back and forth to a cloud – and then readily shared with those who need it.”

In the market for digital immortality? Then you’re in luck, because next year AI knowledge graphs will begin to make that possible by synthesizing information from books, research papers, notes and media interviews and then resurfacing them in an interactive format, according to Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz.

We’ll see the first examples of digital immortality in 2019 in the form of AI digital personas for public figures,” Aasman envisages. “The combination of artificial intelligence and semantic knowledge graphs will be used to transform the works of scientists, technologists, politicians and scholars

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