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Google Cloud Companies-When it comes to the cloud, Google wants to eat Amazon’s lunch.

Last year, the company made a series of moves to accelerate growth at Google Cloud. Google replaced Diane Greene with former Oracle executive Thomas Kurian as the division’s CEO. At the Google Next developers’ conference last month, Kurian made a splash, showing the company was more willing to leverage partnerships and embrace its competitors. This includes the new Anthos app-building tool, which is compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud’s biggest competitors. Kubernetes, an open-source project created by Google, has become a fast-growing platform for managing containerized applications.  

While Google is clearly investing heavily in its cloud, it’s still lagging far behind its competitors. Amazon Web Services remains the dominant player in the cloud services market, claiming about 32.3% market share, according to a recent market analysis by Canalys. Microsoft Azure holds about 16.5% of the market, while Google sits in third place in terms of market share, at 9.5%.

Google has tried to make itself stand out in the marketplace by offering more flexible contracts and lower pricing than its competitors, according to an analysis from Kinsta Hosting. In the process, it’s managed to snag big-name customers like SpotifySnapchatNetflix, and Chevron. Procter & Gamble chief information officer Javier Polit recently said at the eMerge Americas technology conference that the company would likely be shifting more to Google’s platform in the future, as he believes Google is “pushing the envelope” on developing better AI services.

But challenges remain. A handful of engineering professionals and business managers say that Google’s cloud maturity, as well as hurdles related to switching clouds, have them wary.

Digital agency Maven Wave helps companies make the transition to cloud platforms, specifically working with clients who are moving to Google Cloud. The company’s head of solutions engineering, Ben Beyerlein, said he does not see any drawbacks in customers switching over to Google Cloud, but its competition has remained on top by taking advantage of its status as a first mover.

“AWS was the first, and for a while the only, enterprise-ready public cloud,” he said. “By being a first mover, AWS was able to capture significant market share without having to innovate at the same pace Google Cloud does today.”

Stuart Runyan, the vice president of engineering for CMS platform, is a customer of Google Cloud. While he is impressed with the performance of the platform, he said the cost of switching over to Google may be locking companies into their existing cloud platforms.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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