Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of enterprises consider mobile technology a critical enabler of their business strategies, according to a new IDG Enterprise survey.

Mobile devices and apps give enterprise employees greater flexibility in how, when and where they do their jobs, thus making the enterprise itself more nimble and responsive. These advantages are reflected in the top drivers of mobile investments cited by more than 500 survey respondents:

  • Improving internal communication (68%)
  • Customer retention (62%)
  • Faster decision making (60%)

Improving internal communications covers a lot of ground — document and file sharing, collaboration, video and phone conferencing, and more. Providing ways for employees anywhere to sync projects, exchange information and ideas, and take action can make an enterprise more efficient and adaptable, essential characteristics for competing in the digital economy.

Further, a successful mobile program can increase customer satisfaction both by making the enterprise more efficient and by providing apps for customers that make it easier for them to get information and make purchases.

Mobile security remains a top concern, though more for larger enterprises (63%) than SMBs (48%). Even so, the percentages of respondents using management tools to safeguard mobile devices and data were considerably lower (38% for mobile device management software and 27% for mobile application management platforms).

The reason for that gap between concerns about mobile security and deployment of management solutions appears to be a familiar one: “Limited budget” was the top mobile challenge among SMBs and the runner-up (after security) among larger enterprises. And when they have money for mobile, IDG reports, enterprises are more likely to spend it on additional Wi-Fi network capability to accommodate mobile devices, hardware (tablets/smartphones), or custom mobile app development.

IDG has an infographic with more results from the survey.

What are the main drivers of your enterprise’s mobile initiatives? And what are your biggest challenges or obstacles?




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