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What to expect in enterprise mobility in 2016

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It’s prediction season, and the folks over at Computer Business Review talked to 10 different industry veterans about what they expect to see in enterprise mobility in the coming year.

You can see all of the predictions in this link, but below are several that should be of particular interest to IT pros.

First is a forecast by Michael Hobbs, Accenture’s mobility lead in the U.K., who expects 2016 to see a new phase of enterprise mobility:

“The first phase was about empowering users with mobile devices and tools on the go. The second was about using basic transactional apps, cutting down travel time and reducing paper-based operations. The third phase being entered now is about using mobile technologies to transform business processes, including wearables and other devices…”

Wearables will allow employees to remotely collaborate much more effectively than now, according to Hobbs. For IT professionals, the challenge will be to securely and reliably enable these connections to a growing variety of wearable devices.

Chadi Elkadri, chief innovation officer of SOTI, predicts that unified endpoint management (UEM) will expand next year.

“Whilst today’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) systems manage tablets, smartphones and wearables, soon they will evolve to manage entire warehouses, transport fleets and security systems.”

To “integrate all of those management requirements into one UEM platform as opposed to relying on numerous systems,” Elkadri says, will require “a system that intelligently works with all kinds of devices from one central dashboard.”

Finally, Cathal McGloin, vice president of mobile platforms for Red Hat, expects that “interoperability with other key technologies including middleware, networks and IoT, will add to the complexity of back-end integration and management of mobile apps.”

“As a result, I predict that cloud service providers and telcos will broaden their platform offerings to support enterprise mobility with full enterprise-grade technology stacks and value-added mobile cloud services such as data analytics.”

What are your predictions for enterprise mobility in the year ahead?


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