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What Is Geofencing

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What Is Geofencing

What is geofencing

Let’s Start with What Is Geofencing?

The widespread adoption of smartphones has set a GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth radio at the pockets of millions of customers and ushered in an era of exceptionally cheap and omnipresent geolocation markers which has pushed geofencing by a costly business practice to the domain of a consumer program. What used to be a rather expensive tool for very particular software is currently liberated for developers to add in their applications as the user already has the essential hardware.


Even though geofence-based hardware and software solutions have been in existence for decades, the ancient systems were restricted largely to people prepared to invest in expensive custom components for particular use cases. Among the early industrial applications of geofencing was at the livestock sector wherein a couple of cows in a herd could be outfitted with GPS units and should the herd moved out of geographical borders (the geofence) placed from the rancher then the rancher would obtain an alert. Similar programs were deployed to protect and track business vehicle fleets wherein in case a business vehicle abandoned the zone it had been delegated to supervisors in the business could be advised.

Now that we’ve got a clearer image of exactly what geofencing is, let us take a peek at the real-world software you can begin using today.

To put it differently, there is an entire world of geofencing possible around you value tapping into. Your smartphone is effective at alerting you to pick up the dry cleaning when you are close to the dry cleaners, of turning the thermostat down when you push away from your residence, and all another way of useful location-based tricks.

That is all very interesting but as somebody not operating a cattle farm or even a shipping fleet you are likely asking yourself “How can this apply to me? Your name said I must be using geofencing!” So how can it use you?

The geofence is subsequently paired with a hardware/software program that reacts to the border in some manner as dictated by the parameters of this program.

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