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what is a vCIO (Virtual CIO)

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What is a vCIO (Virtual CIO)?

what is a vCIO (Virtual CIO)

what is a vCIO (Virtual CIO)

what is a vCIO (Virtual CIO)? The vCIO collaborates with and counsels customers’ IT departments and performs the very same functions as a traditional CIO.

The vCIO will help clients keep their IT infrastructure keeping the lights but may also supply more-forward appearing services. If a customer lacks an internal IT department or has quite a limited IT staff, the customer may grant broader decision-making power and technologies installation responsibilities to the vCIO.

The most important difference between this vCIO function along with other specialized advisory services is the vCIO requires a wider view of their customer, focusing on business and IT alignment.

Pricing arrangements vary, however, a virtual CIO normally charges based on an hourly fee or a flat fee.

The flat fee functions as a subscription, with the client paying for the vCIO’s providers on a daily basis, or occasionally at another frequency. The flat-fee approach looks like the services provider (MSP) version and, so, some MSPs do provide vCIO services.

IT consulting companies may also give virtual CIOs. Additionally, stores or solutions providers can informally promote themselves as virtual CIOs for their small-business clients, even though the businesses don’t necessarily recognize that support as an official field of business.

Virtual CIOs may discover functions among small and midsize companies (SMBs), which generally are not able to pay for a conventional CIO’s payment package. The vCIO might offer cost-avoidance benefits in a few ways, based on the pricing arrangement.

A virtual CIO service provided in an hourly-rate foundation becomes an “on demand” capacity and a variable price. The customer organization brings from the vCIO to consult on technology choices just as needed. This strategy is generally less costly than paying for a full-time CIO’s salary and benefits. After the service provider supplies a flat rate, the CIO purpose might be bundled inside a wider managed services program rather than existing as a separate budget item.

While cost avoidance is 1 advantage of a virtual CIO, clients can discover other benefits too. On the human resources side, the client avoids the time-consuming and possibly expensive process of choosing a CIO. The accessibility of 24/7 service is just another incentive for working with an electronic CIO; this is when a firm staffed with a number of advisers filling the vCIO function is also called upon.

A virtual CIO can also provide increased objectivity because they could be subject to a company’s internal politics.


The expression “virtual CIO” is interchangeable with “outsourced CIO,” because the purpose may be referred to as. But “outsourced CIO” more frequently describes the main investment officers.

In inclusion, a digital CIO might be known as a “fractional CIO,” who supplies their services for a fraction of the cost and time a full-time CIO needs. Under all three conditions, CIO is regarded as a part-time job as opposed to a fulltime position.

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