Mon. Sep 13th, 2021

A firewall analyzer is an automated software system that analyzes firewall logs related to complex network security policies and delivers instantaneous notifications and security reports. Along with eliminating the scope of time-consuming manual labor, it makes the whole process automatic and easy to operate and control. With the help of a firewall analyzer, a business can optimize the arrangement of routers, network systems, web proxies across different channels to ensure maximum security.

In this post, we will tell you what benefits a firewall analyzer can provide you and how you can improve your business functions by installing a firewall analyzer in your network security system.

It instantaneously analyzes network security policy requirements:

A firewall analyzer is well-capable of pulling information from a diverse range of tools in order to deliver an interactive network topology diagram. This interactive network topology diagram helps you realize how your network security policies are impacting on traffic. Through it, you can also fix connection related problems, sudden plan alterations, etc.

Finds out applications and services by automation:

The innovative technology of a firewall analyzer correctly recognizes all types of applications and application-related services along with their connectivity flows, so that even if you do not have any previous technical knowledge, you can understand how your network system is running. Thus, it ensures complete visibility on your network security.

Recognize risky and vulnerable firewall policies and applications:

A firewall analyzer works on the basis of the broadcast risk knowledge base that encompasses industry-acclaimed best practices and policies, along with customized corporate rulesets. This way, it automatically identifies the firewall policies that are risky, potentially vulnerable, or obsolete and then remove them or re-configure them. Thus, it keeps you always updated about risky applications and keep the whole system optimized.

Easy enforcement of network segmentation:

If you have a firewall analyzer, then defining and enforcing networking segmentation across all network channels and firewall platforms become a butter-smooth task. It lets you instantly confirm whether your current network security guidelines are compling with the network segmentation policy or not.

With a firewall analyzer, you can be always audit-ready:

With the help of a firewall analyzer, you can generate audit-ready compliance reports within the blink of an eye. In addition, these audit-ready reports are also compatible with foremost industry regulations such as PCI DSS, FISMA, SOX, ISO, etc. This is truly an amazing service of firewall analyzers because if you had to manually audit those reports, it would probably take a lot of your valuable time and money. Moreover, it would also increase the chance of errors also. A firewall analyzer effectively reduces all these possibilities and delivers instantaneous reports anytime you want.

Final thoughts:

So, basically, if we look at the benefits that a firewall analyzer provides, we can understand its all-round performance and time saving capability. Moreover, doing all these tasks by automation, it helps you save a lot of money and time so that you can invest them in other important works.

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