Mon. Sep 13th, 2021

Running a business is complicated, there’s no denying that. Once your business reaches a certain level, you have to manage your staff, their payroll, interviews, and much, much more. This can come as a shock to many business owners, especially if the business grows quickly. 

So, what can you do to improve these HR-related processes and make your business run more smoothly? Well, there are a few powerful processes you can implement to help make everything more streamlined and improved. If you’re looking to make your HR a breeze, then look no further. Try these six tips.

Streamline Interview Process

One of the big issues business owners stumble with is finding and hiring new staff. It’s easy enough to post a job listing online, but it’s never quite as easy sifting through the CVs and finding the right candidate. Luckily, applicant tracking software can take a lot of the burden for you.

This clever software can work within parameters you have set, sifting out CVs that don’t match up to your expectations. You can still go back and review CVs that have been omitted, should you wish to, but these tools can help take away some of the workloads. This leaves your HR department more time to interview only the strongest of candidates, saving your business time and money.

Use HR Software

Speaking of smart software, there are now some great HR software tools available to businesses. With HR software from Zenefits, for example, you can track everything you need to all in one place. These kinds of tools incorporate everything from pay to benefits, disciplinary actions to training, linking with all the other platforms you may already have in place. The best thing about it is that you can monitor everything to do with each staff member at the click of a button. No longer will your HR department need to keep stacks of files on each member of staff, they can simply log into your chosen HR platform and do all their work from there. 

Automate Onboarding

One of the processes that can take hours of HR manpower is onboarding new staff. Once you’ve chosen who to hire, there are tens of hoops to jump through to ensure you have everything in place to hire and pay them legally. Things like ID checks, forms to fill, or bank account information can take up too much time for your department. Onboarding can be simplified using your HR software, allowing your new staff member to upload everything themselves and then have it automatically checked by the software.

Store Everything in the Cloud

Having mentioned stacks of paperwork about each employee now going digital, you’ll want to be able to access it from wherever you are. This is why cloud-based computing is essential for growing businesses. Not only are cloud servers heavily protected and encrypted, but they also allow your HR team or managers to log on from anywhere in the world to monitor, alter, or check information. This helps with collaborative and remote working, which is essential to businesses these days.

Automate Payroll and Accounts

Accounting used to take hours. If you’re still doing it wrong, it’ll still take hours. It’s time to go digital with accounting and payroll. These platforms will allow you to automate payslip generation, invoice payments, tax reporting, and more. Once again, automation means you will be saving many hours of staff time, freeing them up for more important tasks like checking on employee wellbeing. There is no need to do manual or paper accounting 24/7 in this day and age. 

Use a Benefits Platform

Employees love to work for companies that provide great benefits. However, doing so can be a real headache for business owners. You want to treat your staff well, but you also don’t want it to cause massive delays in your other work.

This is where benefits platforms can massively help. They, once again, can be automated to provide the right employees with the right benefits. The extra benefit here is that once you set it up, they can log in and access their benefits themselves, meaning no more manual applications for health insurance, car payments, or any other benefit you choose to offer. This will massively improve your employee’s happiness whilst also saving you time and effort.

These six simple tools and processes can help you minimize effort, reduce manual errors, and generally improve your workplace. Not only that, but you’ll be saving money on excess HR and accounting staff. Overall, you’ll save time, money, and stress.

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