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Voice Technology-Voice technology and CRM: coming soon to an office near you. That’s what companies like Salesforce are expecting as they invest in technology like Einstein Voice Assistant to help make it even easier for sales staff to track, message, update, and notify their teams about relevant customer-oriented data. And you can be sure that the likes of Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and other other CRM leaders will follow closely with this capability in the coming year as voice technology picks up speed. But what do marketers and sales leaders need to know about this advancement? How will their work be impacted by voice technology and CRM?

The short answer: voice is about to shape marketing and customer experience in big ways.

In 2018, voice-enabled device sales hit 1 billion. More than 40% of users create shopping lists with them. Almost half use them to perform product searches and reviews. In short, voice engagement needs to be part of every company’s customer relationship strategy. It will also require some hardcore partnership between marketing and the overall sales team (not to mention IT). The following are some tips to keep marketing on top of the new voice technology and CRM trend.

Map Your Vision

As the sales team is using voice to better update data, track conversations, and automate messages, the marketing team needs to come up with its own complimentary map of goals for voice technology. It’s simply too important to leave it to chance. First, get with your IT and sales teams to find out what you are able to track and harness from the voice you’re using and gathering. What data, beyond names and dates, are you able to pull and keep secure? What types of insights do you want to gain from that data? For the data to be meaningful, you need to have a plan for using it, right from the outset.

If you already have a customer journey map, this can be a part of that. If you don’t have a customer journey map, start there first and then add this to it.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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