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Vodafone Qatar pushes IoT adoption in Middle East

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Vodafone Qatar is harnessing a network of partners to support organisations in the Middle East with their internet of things strategies

As cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) become smarter and more connected, the internet of things (IoT) is poised to enhance living standards by improving services for citizens.
Middle East and Africa (MEA) investment in IoT technologies is estimated to hit $7.8bn this year, according to a report by analyst MarketsandMarkets.

But Mahmud Awad, chief business officer at Vodafone Qatar, said the IoT market in the region was still at a relatively early stage in its development and, given the complexity of the technologies involved, developing the necessary infrastructure, ecosystem and applications would take time.

He said urban challenges were being addressed through IoT, and this was particularly true in rapidly developing economies and markets such as Qatar.

“We are seeing growing demand from existing and potential customers for IoT solutions,” he said. “Connecting everyday devices together via the internet and allowing them to transmit and receive data has created a whole range of possible applications.”

Vodafone Qatar is currently seeing strong and growing interest from a broad range of organisations, including government, regulators, suppliers and operators. Commercial enterprises will be next, he added.

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