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Verizon and SAP co-developing next gen IoT analytics solutions

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Customers to get real-time data processing, multi-sensor capabilities for supply chain solutions, field service management, assembly line and retail operations – from the warehouse to the customer


Verizon SAP

Verizon SAP-Verizon (NYSE: VZ) and SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced a collaboration that will enable applications to process data where it is generated – from an assembly line to a retail store shelf, helping businesses save time and increase productivity. The companies are partnering to create enterprise solutions that use Verizon’s network and platform capabilities integrated with SAP’s software and services, particularly the SAP® Leonardo Internet of Things (IoT) solution, SAP Edge Services and analytics, computing and data management capabilities. This announcement was made at Mobile World Congress Americas, being held in LA October 22-24.

With the new partnership, SAP’s customers are poised to benefit from Verizon’s new technologies, such as 5G, software defined networking (SDN) and its Intelligent Edge Network capabilities, to accelerate their digital transformation and unlock the power of the Intelligent Enterprise.

Verizon and SAP Uniquely Positioned to Unlock Business Models, Monetization Strategies

“We are unleashing the next generation of cloud capabilities through global data centers, across the edge of the network,” said Eric Stine, Chief Customer Innovation Officer, SAP North America. “With data volumes growing exponentially and the capabilities of new wireless technologies like 5G to further expand the reach of IoT and enterprise computing, SAP and Verizon are uniquely positioned to drive a new class of data analytics, management and services at scale to help the world’s great companies create amazing customer experiences, and unlock new business models and monetization strategies.”

“Our ability to integrate our ThingSpace platform into the SAP Cloud portfolio provides a secure and agile way to deliver instantaneous, end-to-end operational analytics at the edge while lowering the cost of IoT management,” said George Fischer, president, Global Enterprise, Verizon Business Group. “This combined solution is not just about massive IoT. We are also enabling computer vision, augmented reality, blockchain and machine learning using Verizon’s network. These are a truly comprehensive set of capabilities to help our customers better manage critical functions including asset lifecycles, supply chains, customer experiences, human capital and plant operations.”

Accelerating Enterprise Customers’ Digital Transformations

To help organizations and developers accelerate their digital transformation, companies are highlighting how SAP Edge Services coupled with Verizon’s 5G network can drive business outcomes in real-time. At Mobile World Congress Americas this week, a demonstration at Verizon’s booth shows how this joint solution provides the ability to leverage edge computing. It demonstrates the condition of assets within a warehouse or factory and executes critical business processes locally while providing visibility across the supply chain.

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