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Various Uses of Ultrasound Machines

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Lately, I was considering to buy used ultrasound machine. But before doing that, I pressed paused and looked around. I wondered to myself how many uses does this machine have? I did my research, and over the course of this piece, I’m going to explain what I found out. Let’s get started –

Medical Uses

Emergencies call for a medical supplier with access to the diagnostic tools your condition might demand proper diagnosis. And let’s get the medical applications of the ultrasound machine out of the way first.

Medical ultrasound machines today are mainly used for pregnancies. They are able to monitor heartbeat, fetal size, fetal position, and development.

Conditions like deep vein thrombosis or stenosis are among the galore of medical problems which you can possibly diagnose ultrasound machines. When you want a clear idea about what’s happening inside your body, doctors use ultrasound to see inside you. Therefore, they can provide the right treatment for your body’s state.

The 2nd most used medical ultrasound is known as cardiac sonography, which happens to be the study of hearing conducted by the ultrasound technology. It is especially effective for doctors who deal with patients who have gone through a heart attack or stroke. Even premature toddlers or grownups with constant cardiac problems that need to be monitored. Other medical usages involve carotid ultrasounds, which are procedures that include looking at the carotid arteries at either side of some patient’s neck to see if they have been plaque-blocked in some way – also known as carotid artery disease.

Another possibly-evolutionary usage of ultrasound technology is in an early-phase medical technology in many phases of testing, which is known as HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) across the globe. The goal of this technology is to eliminate diseases based at specific areas of the body by transmitting high-intensity ultrasonic waves towards places for increase temperature by 65% to 85%, thereby, getting rid of all the affected cells.

Non-Medical Uses

Although ultrasonic technology is particularly used more in the medical field, it’s not exclusive to it. Non-medical usages are –

Cleaning: Usually used by surgeons and dentists to clean up their instruments by emanating extreme frequency thrusts of ultrasonic waves to cause the breakdown of such bacterial elements.

You might also have seen police forces use them for crowd disbursement – emitting incredibly high-frequency sound waves to interrupt hearing. Naval forces, known as LRAD (Long-Range Acoustic Devices) use the same program.

Another prominent use of ultrasonic waves is in television remote control – the old-school 50s TV remotes which had the rod at the front and a mic on the Television unit? That communication happened through ultrasound waves between the TV and the remote. This got replaced in the 80s by infrared technology.

There are various uses of ultrasound tech & ultrasound machinery. And even though they were built for the medical profession at first (and they still do contribute heavily in that field today), they’ve blown up in features and will keep doing so as the technology keeps evolving and we figure out new methods of utilizing it.

Last Words

An ultrasonic device is among the most common diagnostic imaging machines in hospitals and clinics nowadays. Unlike radiology, ultrasonic imaging doesn’t generate harmful radiation for the human body. Aside from observing the fetus inside mothers’ wombs, it’s used for peeking through other tissues inside the human body, like heart, kidneys, blood vessels, etc. Whether you are wanting to replace the outdated device or purchase a brand new one, it’s crucial to find the ultrasonic device that fits your budget and needs.

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