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Using the IoT to Increase Productivity

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In recent years, IT departments have been dealing with the convergence of several new technologies on their network infrastructure. In addition to traditional network security threats, they are now responsible for managing devices such as HVAC system monitors, smart thermostats, Smart Grid power monitoring and control devices as well as IP-based access control systems and networked surveillance cameras to prevent exploitation of these potentially vulnerable network nodes. But successful properties are now blending these disparate mechanical and electronic solutions to create a more holistic experience for everyone involved, and that experience begins at the front door.

For years, access control systems had one function – to control access to a facility. But today the Internet of Things or IoT is transforming the access control system into the means to dramatically increase the productivity of not only your facility but also your employees.

What is the IoT?

The phrase “Internet of Things” was coined by British tech pioneer, Kevin Ashton in 1999. The simplest definition and vision of the IoT is that billions of sensors and smart devices will connect and share information with each other to enhance the collective experience of the end user. This is done by collecting, cleaning and analyzing the data provided, allowing for predictive and real-time actions to take place on behalf of the user and the associated community.

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