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Using Excel for Revenue Recognition Tracking?

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Excel spreadsheets play a big part in how many companies do business, especially in accounting and finance departments.  However, using spreadsheets for critical processes in your business can be risky. Watch this short video by Tensoft’s Customercare Manager, Anne Phan, to see some the risks you should be aware of when you use spreadsheets for important business transaction processing.

Tensoft helps companies streamline their processes and become more efficient by getting rid of Excel spreadsheets.

With Tensoft’s Revenue Recognition solution, RCM, you can have all your transactions and transaction history in one place.  You’ll also have full visibility with Tensoft RCM’s dashboard, as well as revenue forecasts and real-time reporting. With Tensoft RCM, you can be confident in your data, have more time for value-add activities, and enjoy greater efficiency in your revenue recognition processes.

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