Fri. Mar 19th, 2021

Effective customer relations management is the very foundation on which the success of a business rests. Customers are the most critical factor in for functioning of a business. According to research by Google and CEB, customers emotionally connected with a brand are twice more likely to buy its products or services.

Almost all these customers (and prospects) are present on social media today. Every minute, the internet sees 973,000 logins into Facebook, 38 million WhatsApp messages, 481,000 tweets and 174,000 scrolls on Instagram.

These numbers are mind-blowing. And it shows how much brands are missing out on the opportunity to engage with their customers and prospects. On the other hand, businesses that leverage social media and make it part of their client relation strategy, enjoy much larger benefits.

Social media offers a goldmine of information about customers and prospects. So, social media CRM tools give a business the edge over its competition by empowering it to delight its customers and prospects.

Here are 4 ways in which social media makes a company’s CRM more intelligent and effective:

Marketing and sales are not all about trying to get new customers. They’re about fostering current relationships, constantly adding value to your customers and creating top-of-mind awareness.

In today’s age, the customer wants to be educated and engaged with instead of being sold to. That’s why it’s important to track your customer’s journey on each stage, and respond to him accordingly. Integrating social media as part of CRM helps you track this aspect and identify how you can eventually convert one-time buyers into advocates.

An integrated engagement platform
Various customers and prospects connect with brands through different platforms. Keeping up with all this at the same time can become a daunting task for concerned teams.

An intelligent CRM tool with social media integrated in it allows your team to have access to all the customer and prospect insights and information in a single location.

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