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URM improves performance with ERP system

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The UK’s largest purchaser and recycler of waste glass, URM (UK) Ltd, has reported an improvement in business performance following the implementation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

Steve Dixon, Project and Systems Manager, URM (UK) Ltd: “In a matter of weeks we noticed the benefits. We now have a far more detailed understanding of what drives our business performance. Everything we do is now linked and transparent.

“We have become an almost entirely paperless operation, so the margin for error is much smaller.”

The PurGo ERP software system from VWS Software Solutions has been designed for waste management & recycling operators and materials processing facilities, to streamline processes, and standardise procedures, monitoring and reporting across all departments. The software and interface are highly automated, intuitive and friendly, and integrate seamlessly with other business systems and software packages.

Steve Dixon, Project and Systems Manager, URM (UK) Ltd: “Two things stood out with PurGo. Firstly flexibility. VWS was happy to develop the system with us and for us, to meet our exact business needs. We were looking for a partner and that’s exactly what they offered.

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Article Credit: MHW Magazine


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