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Two-thirds of organisations already use the Internet of Things

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But nearly half say that security is an impediment to Internet of Things initiatives. The Voice of the Enterprise study found that, despite the relatively recent emergence of the term IoT, the majority of companies already collect data from equipment, devices or other connected endpoints and use that data for a business purpose.

 This should not come as a complete surprise as many business leaders have suggested that the IoT has actually been around for many years, particularly when taking into account the amount of data some companies retrieve from sensors and smartphones.

451 Research found that data centre IT equipment is currently the most common source of IoT data at 51 per cent, followed by camera and surveillance equipment (34 per cent), data centre facilities equipment (33 per cent) and smartphones/end-user devices (29 per cent).

The research found that 49 per cent of manufacturing companies gather data from factory equipment, and 49 per cent of healthcare firms gather data from medical devices.

The main business value that companies claim to have got from these deployments is reducing risk (66 per cent), optimising operations (63 per cent), developing new, or enhancing existing, products or services (33 per cent) and enhancing customer targeting (21 per cent).

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