Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

With over 4 weeks of intense activity and competition the views have been counted and we are really pleased to announce that the winner is Oliver Pickup

An award-winning journalist, ghostwriter, editor, and TV and radio commentator, specialising in technology, current affairs, culture, business and sport. He has been by-lined in every English newspaper, contributed to dozens of multinational publications, and interviewed death-row prisoners, athletic legends, cultural pioneers, game-changing leaders, and tech trendsetters.

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Justin Joseph – 1st Runner Up  – An Academic Research Writer with Livingston Research and writes on a variety of subjects like Healthcare, Business and Management, Environmental Science and Human Resources. In his professional career, he has worked in a variety of roles and industries, as a Research Writer, Business Analyst, Strategy Consultant, Business Development Associate, Communications lead and Recruiter

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Sandeep Sharma –  2nd Runner Up – An IT Advisor, Enterprise architect, EFQM accessor, Program Manager, Marathon Runner, Experimental Cook, Played 7 different Sports at university level, Writer with 10 million readers, Reviewer to multiple journals, contributed and named in 6 million printed journals in 140 countries. Worked with Fortune 500 companies, almost 19 years Experience, Awarded for smart city project at the age 16 yrs old

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TW17 has seen write-ups from a number of topics covering all areas of Enterprise Technology landscape.

While the competition attracted a number of talented writers, the list of top 10 writers are

1 –Oliver Pickup (Founder Pickup Media)

2 – Justin Joseph ( Academic Research Writer with Livingston Research )

3 – Sandeep Sharma (IT Advisor and Enterprise architect)

4 – Neil Catermull (Broadcaster, Public Speaker, Analyst and Writer)

5 – Amelia Kallman (Futurist, Consultant, Speaker As an innovation and technology communicator)

6 – Francesco Corea ( Complexity Scientist | Tech Investor | Data Strategist | AI Advisor 

7 – Avril Chester ( Interim IT Director at Scope | Vice Chair & Trustee at SeAp Advocacy | Author

8 – Alice Bonasio (Writer, Academic and Strategic Consultant specialising in Technology and the Creative Industries)

9 – Nadeem Agha (A Business Development professional with varied experience in Sales, Procurement and Operations)

10 – JB Beckett (A thought leader in the fields of fund strategy, research and governance)

For full list of writers, please visit http://erpinnews.com/category/tw17



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