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‘Turning empathy into action’: SAP responds to customer complaints with new services, strategies

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ORLANDO, Fl. — “Empathy” was the watchword as SAP’s CEO, Bill McDermott, launched the business software giant’s annual user conference, Sapphire Now, in Orlando, Florida by detailing the ways in which SAP is responding to customer complaints about many issues, as he had promised at last year’s conference.

“We have been turning empathy into action,” he told the over 20,000 attendees during his presentation, titled the Urgency of Doing. “It’s a race with no finish line.”

So far, the company has delivered product and solution roadmaps, and McDermott announced changes to licensing that removes charges for accessing static data in SAP databases (defined as read-only that is not related to a real-time system inquiry or request and requires no processing or computing in an SAP system) from third party applications such as Salesforce.

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