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trends that will define 2018
trends that will define 2018

As global markets hurtle towards a 2018 that’s shaping up to possibly be one of the most innovative years on record, eager onlookers who are tapped into the tech-scene’s pulse are wondering what the next trends will be that drive the IoT forward. After a crazy 2017 that saw the IoT become a household name throughout the world, some are wondering what 2018 could possibly have in store that could still surprise us, but you’d be surprised at what’s yet to come.

Brush up on 7 of the leading IoT trends that will come to define 2018 and reshape the world as we know it, and you’ll be setting yourself down the path of success well before the new year even begins.

1. AI remains king

Few things have garnered as much media attention or financial investments as the emerging field of artificial intelligence, and for good reason. AI is one of the pivotal drivers of the IoT’s success, and companies everywhere, regardless of their size, are starting to realize the potential AI has to reshape their business. Many experts are expecting 2018 to be the greatest year yet for AI, and those who familiarize themselves with it now will be grateful when they find themselves in a future defined by intelligent machines.

2. Better data security

There’s virtually nothing more important to tech-savvy consumers and IoT pioneers alike than data security, and 2018 will see serious leaps forward in the field of IoT privacy and protection. Whether it’s new data privacy regulations that are set to take hold in the EU or further advancements in the field of personal security elsewhere, few things stand to be as revolutionized as the field of security does in 2018.

3. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

2017 saw digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium become household names, but 2018 will see new innovations in the blockchain technology that’s driving these and other cryptocurrencies forward. Massive investments in blockchain are already expected in the coming year, and this new type of digital ledger could stand to become the new norm in financial markets around the globe.

4. Software-as-a-Service becomes the norm

Software as a Service enterprises are one of the hottest anticipated markets of 2018, with some analysts expecting SaaS to become a market worth an astonishing $50 billion in 2018. With a low cost of entry, SaaS tech is rapidly becoming the favorite of many companies that are hoping to up their IT game without having to break the bank, and 2018 will likely see a widespread adoption of SaaS solutions.

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