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Transforming Big Data Processing Through Blockchain and AI

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Big Data Blockchain

Big Data Blockchain

Big Data Blockchain- Big data is currently on everybody’s lips with stringent regulations the order of the day and security breaches happening on a regular basis. A company called Endor has come up with a blockchain and AI based solution to manage and process data.

After years of research at MIT, Endor claims to have invented the “Google for predictive analytics*”, providing automated AI predictions for companies. Endor can process Encrypted Data, without ever decrypting it, on and off blockchain and it enables business users to ask predictive questions and get automated accurate predictions. No data science expertise is required.

We caught up with Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, CEO for Endor at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He has given us further insight into the development and use of this amazing technology.

Dr. Altshuler pointed out that digital environments such as the Ethereum network house immense amounts of Big Data which nobody up until now could leverage.

“What eventually happens is that all these huge things are working on one problem, and they have to constantly maintain and refine.  This is very costly. Data scientists are very expensive, and we are short of hundreds and thousands of data scientists in the world, so there is a huge bottleneck because this process is very slow and expensive.  Besides, analyzing data with today’s technologies means that you have to have complete access to the data. If you have data and you want me as a contractor or as your employee to analyze your data and predict things based on it, you must give me complete access to the data. I need to know exactly what the data represents and means. This, of course, is unacceptable today with the General Data Protection Regulator [GDPR]”.

All the technologies in AI and machinery that we have today were developed in the last few decades for the original motivation, to handle problems that are very specific, like face recognition, text recognition, voice recognition. But predicting human behavior is a completely different story because it’s very dynamic and influenced by a very large number of constantly changing patterns and interactions.

“This is why I spent three years working with professor Alex Pentland at MIT developing what we call Social Physics. Social Physics is our discovery that we can build a mathematical model of human interactions, of human behavior, of crowd behavior. What it essentially means is that we can analyze whatever data you have, which is coming from human behavior. We can analyze it automatically. and you can give it to us in an encrypted version, so even if we are somehow compromised and someone steals the data that we possess, they cannot do anything with it because it’s encrypted. All of this is thanks to this new technology”.

Endor is a spinoff of MIT. The company started four years ago and commercialized Social Physics building a product that can connect to data sets and allow the owners of these data sets to ask questions about their data automatically and accurately without disclosing anything about the data or the questions.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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