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Transcoding in the cloud

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In the era of multiplatform delivery the ability to create many formats at speed is vital, but where does the cloud fit in a broadcaster’s transcoding strategy?

At the heart of operational efficiency in the multi-platform world lies transcoding: the art and science of taking a file in one digital format and generating from it many other formats to suit all the target delivery devices.

By its nature, this is likely to be a peaky business. When a new piece of content becomes available then all the various versions need to be created as quickly as possible. Broadcasters want live programmes to be available on VoD as soon as possible after transmission. But when there is no content, then the transcoders lie idle.

This is an ideal application for the cloud, whereas many software instances as are required can be spooled up, with the processors released as soon as the task is completed.

But are there practical limitations to cloud transcoding, insecurity, connectivity and cost?

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Article Credit: IBC

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