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Total Economic Impact Study Reveals Epicor ERP Customers Can Achieve 264% ROI

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Independent research firm study highlights total economic benefits of over $9 million from the implementation of Epicor ERP

The study is based on detailed interviews conducted with a number of Epicor customers. Their combined attributes and experiences form a composite organization from which Forrester developed a framework to measure the potential financial impact and investment return of Epicor ERP to an organization.

Based on the analysis, Epicor ERP enabled the composite organization to achieve risk-adjusted inventory savings of $4.4 million, with a risk-adjusted ROI of 264% and a payback period of 13 months, in addition to over $3.4 million in enterprise efficiency savings bringing the total economic benefit to more than $9 million. Furthermore, with Epicor ERP the composite organization achieved significant business benefits and productivity improvements across its supply chain, production management, planning and scheduling, sales, finance and IT functions such as:

  • Increased versatility with deployment options such as the Epicor Cloud ERP offering
  • Productivity gains and cost savings from improved manufacturing processes and increased visibility
  • Increased sales from improved customer collaboration and customer relationship management

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Article Credit: PR Newswire

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