Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

TOPSFIELD, MA – One of Infor’s top-ranking CRM Partners, BrainSell, is pleased to announce their second acquisition of the year in Sienna Solutions’ Infor practice. Sienna Solutions, who has been implementing, customizing and consulting Infor CRM for almost a decade is the perfect type of company to be brought into the BrainSell wing. BrainSell’s breadth of services ensures all of Sienna Solutions’ current customers will have access to top-flight consulting services.

Their second of two acquisitions so far this year, with Sienna Solutions, BrainSell further solidifies Infor services to the West Coast. Operating out of Irvine, California, the acquisition of Sienna Solutions will expand BrainSell’s regional service offerings to California and nearby western states. The acquisition will also bolster BrainSell’s remote servicing of hundreds of Infor instances across the country. In addition to the newly acquired Infor practice, BrainSell currently operates a successful Sage ERP practice in the Los Angeles area. Sienna Solutions’ clients will be able to part with exiting, nationwide CRM resources that BrainSell.

Sienna Solutions’ longtime President sees the acquisition as a mutual benefit.

“We interviewed the top Infor Partners and felt Jim Ward’s BrainSell represented the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to business details and process automation our clients require,” said Peter DeBellis, CEO of Sienna Solutions. “BrainSell’s acquisition insures that our Infor CRM client base will continue to improve their business through better acquisition and analysis of their business data. BrainSell has the breadth, depth and knowledge to serve our clients successfully in the coming hears. I’m very happy with where we’ve landed!”

The latest acquisition brings another well-established Infor CRM reseller and the resources onto BrainSell’s ever-expanding team. Infor CRM users on the west coast and beyond will now have access to the same level of service that comes with working with one of Infor CRM’s top resellers in BrainSell.

Sienna Solutions’ clients are already seeing benefits to working with an even more well-rounded organization as mentioned by BrainSell’s President and CEO, Jim Ward. “We knew Sienna Solutions’ drive to create the best customer experience possible was a hand-in-glove fit for us here at BrainSell when it came to a potential acquisition.” Ward said.

In 2015, BrainSell grew by over 35% year-over-year, was also named to 2015’s Inc. 5000 List and is passionate about sharing their successful techniques with others. BrainSell credits their growth not only to their dedicated team.

About BrainSell

BrainSell is a leading advisory and technology consultancy that provides companies of all sizes with a competitive advantage that comes from best-of-class business software, services and unbiased advice. Since their founding in 1994, BrainSell has transformed from a regional boutique software reseller into a leading provider of unrivaled business strategy, best-of-class software, development, and implementation for clients of all sizes, across all industries.

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