Thu. Mar 18th, 2021

Artificial intelligence is growing at a fast pace and there is no surprise that it has become the current talk of the town. It is opening a plethora of jobs and to land one- you need to have certain skill sets that make you a potential employee. Data automation has increased the demand for technical know-how. If you are the one who is willing to make it big in the AI industry, take a look at your resume and check whether you possess certain skill sets or not. If you feel something is missing, don’t worry. We are here to take you through various skills that are important to be portrayed in your resume.

Let’s get you started for an attractive resume that can win the heart of employers!

Languages – Java, Python, C, and C++

AI engineers must be excellent in programming languages such as Java, Python, C, and C++. It is also required for a non-engineer to master these languages if he/she wants to make a space in data science. Another important aspect of AI is scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, JSP, and Ruby. AI professionals can learn these languages online easily and make your resume shine. In-depth knowledge of such languages will make you a pro.

Artificial Intelligence Competencies

Artificial Intelligence includes Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Cognitive Computing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Analysis and Search technologies, APIs, and enterprise architecture and security architecture. Master these to grab your dream position with a top company in AI. Acquire the various skill sets and make your resume worth of selection. Also, your brain needs to be infused with skills in programming, data management, technology platforms, and business development. With these competencies in your resume, you will be able to set yourself apart from others.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. Knowledge in machine learning algorithms should be considered the most important aspect of your skill sets. For those inquisitive to know about Machine learning- it is one of those AI techniques that enable computers to learn. It is a very important subset of AI. Study ML if you want to get a good job in the AI industry.

Computer Science, Programming Languages, and Coding

AI Engineers are required to polish their skills in designing, maintaining and repairing technology and software programs. Knowledge in computer science, programming languages, and coding will demonstrate your skills to prove in handling complex tasks easily by applying innovative solutions. Education in computer science disciplines and tools can showcase your skills in making complex machines. This will ultimately make your resume look beautiful.

Physics, Engineering, Robotics

A background in science or engineering, physics, and engineering applications will distinguish you from others by proving your strength. Robots are being used in the industries. And proving your knowledge in robotics can give you the position you always wanted in AI. Individuals with different skills in AI can enter the AI industry easily as this is what companies look for- multi-functional professionals.


AI Certifications give rise to skilled AI professionals who are able to carry out the tasks easily. Certifications are meant to set certified individuals apart from the non-certified ones. They provide credibility to the professionals which make their chances of landing their dreams jobs easy. They are easily recognized by the top companies and are in demand. AI certifications prove that AI engineers are ready to make machines work like humans intelligently and are skilled enough to carry all the AI related tasks and issues with their smartness. They add value to the resume of professionals and nothing can stop them from accelerating their growth in AI.

By Sohel Ather

Sohel Ather is Guest blogger; He focuses on actionable and unique ideas that can be used to grow your business and make a real difference for your customers.

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