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Top Five Myths About CRM Debunked

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CRM Myths

CRM Myths

CRM Myths- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have been a mainstay of bigger corporations for more than two decades now. Lately, many startups have started integrating them into their marketing stack for their powerful features. There are, however, some myths believed by SMB owners that still surround CRM tools, preventing their full adoption.

Myths about CRMs being time-consuming, their use restricted only to the sales team, etc. are still prevalent today. In this article, we will debunk the five myths about CRM tools that are still present in 2018.

Myth #1: CRM is Expensive

Well, this myth was true in the nascent stage of CRM technology. Using an enterprise software in those days would usually mean spending thousands of dollars on licensing, installation and setup, hardware, training costs, etc. just as an initial investment to use a CRM.

But since cloud technology made its way into the market in the early 2000s, prices started dropping drastically. Today, due to stiff competition, along with efficient cloud storage solutions, every SMB can afford to invest in a good CRM product. If you are wondering, it takes an investment of $0 to get started. We’re not kidding; there are plenty of CRMs by reputed companies that can get you started without investing a single penny.

Myth #2: Only Large Organizations Require a CRM

The logic of this myth is rooted in the previous myth. When CRMs were introduced, due to the costs involved, only bigger corporations could afford them. The scenario has changed now. CRM vendors have come up with plans specifically for small and medium enterprises and startup businesses to cater to their needs.

If you have any hesitancies regarding whether or not to use a CRM, here is a perspective. If your aim as a business is to sell better and communicate well with your prospects and clients, then move to a CRM. Also with the help of a good CRM, you’ll be able to automate plenty of repetitive, manual tasks, while increasing your productivity.

Myth #3: CRM is Complex

Another myth that stems from the late ’90s is, CRM is too difficult to understand and use. The early CRMs were gawky, difficult to use and required extensive training. And if you had any technical difficulty, you had to rely on the IT staff to get it fixed.

Not anymore! Modern CRMs are simple to use, possess intuitive UI/UX and work well in a web browser. They are very easy to set up, and you can get started with basic computer chops. Some CRMs even have an onboarding program that gets you acquainted with the product. If you get stuck somewhere while using the system, the customer support is available to help you pronto.

Myth #4: There is Data Security Threat With CRMs

Since the modern CRMs are usually based on cloud, another misconception that might arise is that of data security. With new data leaks hitting the news frequently, it’s understandable for business owners to have such concerns. But CRM providers go to great lengths to secure your data. They have security certificates, firewalls, data encryption, and other precautionary measures in place.

Along with this, it always helps from the business owner’s side to take safety steps such as choosing the right CRM vendor, training their employees and monitoring CRM activities to protect their data.

Myth #5: CRMs Have Little Use Apart From Storing Customer Information

With new SaaS applications entering the market almost daily, CRMs have adapted themselves according to the new age. No longer are CRMs used just as a software to store the customer contact details. CRMs have gone through a metamorphosis that has made them a suite of features that include sales and marketing functions as well. Some CRMs have converted themselves into full-blown marketing automation systems that perform various activities such as email marketing, landing page creation, ad campaigns, etc.

If you’ve got an existing suite of tools that you don’t want to move away from, don’t worry. Most CRM vendors provide integrations with other tools that make lead import and report generation a breeze.

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