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Top 6 Retail Technology Startups

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Top 6 Retail Technology Startups

Top 6 Retail Technology Startups

The following 6 start- ups were shortlisted by John Lewis ina competitive pitch day for its retail innovation programme JLAB, it will continue discussions with six businesses who could transform how we shop in the future. Over 160 new start-ups and more established businesses entered the experiential retail challenge with the chance of being selected to develop their ideas with John Lewis & Partners.

Seloy Live

SeloyLive  transforms shop windows into huge interactive displays which customers can engage with and control from their fingertips. Seloy lives comes with decades of experience in the glass industry, their solutions are robust, high quality and easy to install even in large image sizes.

With Seloy Live SENSE augmented interactive window you can make your brand really stand out. It gives amazing experience on interaction with the brand and customer engagement that cannot be achieved online. Seloy Live SENSE is a state-of-the-art combination of a transparent insulating glass unit and an interactive touch surface.


Smartphones oriient ensures customers to navigate directly to the products they desire in shops and explore store experience with the first GPS-like service. It lets you locate indoor locations without the hassle within the shop.You don’t need to install anything, you don’t need to maintain anything.It’s like GPS – a service you simply use.


Ruuby  allows customers to book the very latest beauty treatments at home, or any other location they choose – office, shop and even a hotel. You just need to browse your selection of beauty therapist, hair dresser or makeup artist and bookappointment. They will come and serve you.


MemoMi enables customers to virtually try on a huge array of fashion and beauty products, providing an innovative way for customers to navigate choice and access truly personalised recommendations based on their detailed image profile and preferences. MemoMi is also the award-winning smart mirror software transforming the luxury shopping market.


MakersCAFE who are dialling up personalisation through 3D printing and laser cutting on customers most loved products and gift purchases. They help people make things, providing digital manufacturing and consultancy services.Basically, what ever you think in your mind and want to create Makers café can do it for you through 3D printing by creating thoughts into things

Lettus Grow

LettUs Grow who are embracing the use of retail space in their pursuit of a more sustainable approach to farming, and as a route to reinvigorating communities, through the shared joy of growing. Their technology, through the growing of plants without soil anywhere in the world, is set to reimagine the world of farming and community gardening

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