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Top 10 future technology jobs: VR developer, IoT specialist and AI expert

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Top 10 future technology jobs: VR developer, IoT specialist and AI expert

V3 considers some of the emerging technology jobs that could soon enter your business

The technology industry has a tendency to over-hype pretty much everything, from big data to the Internet of Things (IoT), and from DevOps to digital transformation, but many of these trends require new skills and new jobs.

So if you’re looking for a change of direction, a change of job title, or a glimpse into where the money could be in the future, look no further: V3 has the answer.

10. VR developer

Virtual reality headset

Virtual reality (VR) is on the up. The first wave of headsets has hit the market and numerous firms are experimenting with the technology for its business potential.

So there will be a growing demand for VR developers, not just at gaming firms but at enterprises that don’t want to miss the next big tech trend.

This could be hotels letting potential customers experience a room, sports stadiums allowing fans to see the view from their seat, museums wanting to recreate historical scenes, or clothing companies showing how a garment will look when worn.

So anyone with an growing interest in VR would do well to nurture their skills and get themselves out there.

9. Blockchain engineer/developer


One for the future, perhaps, although those waxing lyrical about blockchains will tell you that you’re better off developing/possessing these skills now.

Blockchain is the underlying technology for bitcoin, and has been touted as the biggest breakthrough in tech since the internet.

Software engineers will need the ability to code in languages including Java and C++, experience of working with large datasets, and skills in cryptography.

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