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The modern technology has come up with the advanced mobile phone apps that help you out in many ways. Even then you are still looking for the best of the best. The Android cell phone devices are incomplete without the applications that help you out while you are using the Android phones. The android applications are in millions of cooking apps to apps that enable you to download the music files and the apps that allow you to monitor your kids and teen’s Android phones. On the other hand, there are plenty of applications that should be on your Android phone. Today we are going to tell you the top 10 best android apps of November 2017.

BYOD Check App

The T-Mobile has introduced its new app that helps you out to check your mobile phone device when you plan to move on T-Mobile network in order to examine the compatibility with the career extended range LTE and Voice over LTE. You just need to plugin IMEI of the android device and you will get to know either device will work or not either the one or the both.     It enables you to search the products you want to purchase.

The Android mobile phone users who want to organize inbox emails and want to make sifting with the help of everything a little simpler; this app is perfect to provide you that. It enables a user to consolidate certain categories of emails for “daily digest”. You will be able to make a view on those emails on your android phone that you want to and other emails will remain untouched.

TheOneSpy for Androids

It is the best android spy apps over the years and in the month of November; it’s been recognized as the best mobile phone tracking software. The android surveillance spyware is the best tool that allows a user to keep an eye on target cell phone activities such as call, multimedia, text messages, IM’s social media, GPS location, remotely target phone control and last but not the least life surrounds listening of target android phone device.

Navbar Animations

If you want to see things view better and if you want to provide your devices some styles, then it is the best app for you to provide a style to your device or gadget. It provides wide range and patterns of animations that add some visual appeals to the screen of your android phone device.

DVD Netflix

The application belongs to Netflix and it makes your life easier for those who chose to get Netflix content in the shape of DVDs as opposed to streaming. Similarly, a user can browse Netflix massive library of streaming content, it allows user to browse things present in DVDs format, add DVD’s to your queue, and arrange such order in which you want to receive.

Microsoft Edge Preview

It is the latest version of Microsoft’s popular Edge browser on especially on Windows 10 devices, and yet it is in beta status and you can install the application for androids right now. It will enable you to sync your Android device data and give you reading view and you can read the content easily on web pages.

Another Widget

This is the application is still performing at their best and provides you a few tidbits of such an enormous information, like the weather, the time and all the schedule upcoming events. On the other hand, the application is minimalist in detail and in style and it is not an ordinary application for you, it is the app that you should get your hands on.

Movies Anywhere

If you are such kind of customer that is always ready consuming their TV and movies with the help of digital means, then it is sure that you are getting the content from multiple sources such Google Play, Amazon and from other online media stores or shops. Then am sure you know well about the cumbersome to have bounced between all those software when you watch something find to watch. This particular application has chromecast support that helps you to watch or stream the content on the larger screen.

YouTube Tv

Logically YouTube TV cannot be considered as the application, but this particular version is the best for Android gadgets or TV devices. It can be considered as the new app in a sense that it is been launched in the current week. So, it is new for the users because it has launched recently. It provides the same service as the app is providing its services for android cell phones and tabs, but Android TV interface should be kept in mind.


It is the application that enables users to get the cheap flights and hotel reservations; it does mean that only provides that flights and hotels, it also have plenty of other options that are also being appreciated. It helps out their users to find out the flights and hotels at reasonable prices that don’t break the bank. It provides users auto update and alerts regarding cheap flights.


The entire app today we have discussed is the best in the month of November 2017 and also the best in their business and perfect for the Android operating system. Get your hands on all these apps as soon as possible and get entertained and make your device a proper supportive device.

By Sohel Ather

Sohel Ather is Guest blogger; He focuses on actionable and unique ideas that can be used to grow your business and make a real difference for your customers.

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