When budding entrepreneurs first start out, they’re often able to run things smoothly with minimal technology. After all, not many new stores start out with automated marketing or their own app. If your business has begun to grow, though, keeping up with technology is essential. And if you’re looking for the most value for your money, you should consider enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.
One Technology, Endless Uses
One of the biggest complaints from business owners is the simultaneous joy and headaches related to a growing business. While increased revenue and growth is a great thing, larger companies also become burdened by dealing with increased need for repetitive data entry, inventory management, marketing and a host of other business necessities.
If you’re at this point, ERP software can quickly accomplish tasks that would otherwise take hundreds of hours to complete. This is because ERP technology can handle product planning, shipping and everything in between. Even your manufacturing process can benefit from these solutions, and the best part is that everything is fully integrated.
This means that employees in shipping will have access to the same information as your top salespeople. No longer will products be shipped out to an old address thanks to separate departmental systems. Even better, you can customize the system to fit your specific needs. In fact, 93 percent of companies did this in 2015.
Main Benefits of ERP
Integrating your company’s information and handling several essential tasks in one software suite aren’t the only benefits of an ERP system. The reduction in manual entry, for instance, can save on labor costs and minimize the chance of mistakes, which translates into better customer service.
In addition, since all your employees will have the full view of a client thanks to integrated systems, they can provide better service. Happy customers lead to less stress for employees, and studies have shown that happy workers are upwards of 20 percent more productive.
One of the best benefits of ERP solutions, though, is the reporting they allow. You’ll be able to run reports from every department and get a full view of what it all means. Did sales increase as soon as your new marketing campaign started? Did changing your shipping method improve customer satisfaction?
You’ll finally be able to keep track of this and more. And in the end, having all of this data means you can better run your business and serve clients.
ERP Grows With Your Business
When you’re seeking out an ERP solution, make sure you find one that’s scalable to your business. As your company continues to grow, you do not want to face the necessity of purchasing a new solution better suited for your larger business. With service as a software (SaaS) ERP suites, you’ll be able to upgrade your system when your business needs it most.

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