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Three ways Salesforce Einstein can enhance workplace analytics

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Last fall was heavily populated with impressive smart cloud launches, from Microsoft Azure to IBM Watson Analytics and Salesforce Einstein. Demos presented at the major annual tech conferences were flashy and promising.

Microsoft has chosen to bank on its build-your-own philosophy, an approach that did well for SQL Server. IBM Watson, though presented as a workplace analytics slot machine of sorts, is nonetheless wedded to an important array of existing products and functionality. Salesforce Einstein, presented at Dreamforce 2016 in San Francisco, was tentative — bombastic, but unfinished, though bursting with potential.

But Einstein is crippled by the limitations of its platform. Salesforce, primarily a sales and marketing environment, lacks IBM’s processing breadth and Microsoft’s functional depth. Number crunching fireworks aside, can Einstein make a difference in day-to-day business operations and processes? A review of its architecture, its approach to social media integration and its suite of new APIs seems to indicate it can.

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