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Three Key Challenges Of Moving To Public Cloud

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Public Cloud Challenges

Public Cloud Challenges-In 2019, the question isn’t whether or not you should move to the public cloud; it’s what you should do to ensure your journey to the cloud is a success, both financially and operationally.

According to projections published by Gartner, Inc., the public cloud services market is expected to grow from $182.4 billion in 2018 to $214.3 billion in 2019 — a 17.5% jump in just a year. While that may seem like a high number, it’s not surprising, especially given organizations are recognizing the overall value of moving to the public cloud: They can be more agile, leverage new innovations and better keep up with competitors.

Despite these real benefits, adopting the public cloud is not without its challenges. Most of the organizations I speak to are finding they face three main challenges once they actually make the jump: achieving significant cost savings, maintaining the control and security of their data and fixing the lack of centralized governance.

The good news is you can overcome these challenges as long as your organization has the tools and processes in place to keep up with the constant innovations in the public cloud market.

Controlling Costs

According to research conducted by McKinsey, many organizations are “falling short of their IT agility expectations.” With 95% of CIOs indicating that the majority of C-suite’s overall goals depend on them and 80% claiming that “they have not attained the level of agility and business benefits that they sought through modernization,” it’s difficult facing the reality that getting control of public cloud consumption once organizations have made the jump can seem almost impossible.

Many find it challenging to pin down everything that’s happening across the organization, as cost is no longer a capital expenditure. You can’t simply buy public cloud resources, let them sit static for three years and then buy new stuff. It’s an ongoing operational expense that organizations need to constantly optimize and adjust based on changing business needs and demands.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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