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This is the best list of cybersecurity predictions for 2018

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If you want to know what cyber threats we will face in the next year, look no further.

This is the best list of cybersecurity predictions for 2018

This is the best list of cybersecurity predictions for 2018

This is the best list of cybersecurity predictions for 2018What terrifying cyber threat will menace us in 2018? There are countless lists, produced by information security bloggers and cybersecurity consulting firms, that attempt to answer that question with varying density of buzzwords. Kelly Shortridge, a product manager at the security assessment firm Security Scorecard, decided to make the ultimate list of 2018 cybersecurity predictions by aggregating a slew of lists using Markov chains, a process that can generate English sentences based on the probability of which words come after each other.

Infosec predictions should ideally help guide decisions about where to invest resources, but instead they are often dramatized to attract attention and clicks, Shortridge said in an email. “For example, when I reviewed the predictions for 2016 last year to see what people got right and wrong, drone hacking had been a significant prediction — and drone hacking wasn’t and still isn’t a concern… When I began reading some of the 2018 predictions, I found myself often musing that this could’ve equally well been written by a bot, given the density of buzzwords and superficiality of the claims. So, I decided to proxy for a post actually written by a bot to highlight the ridiculousness of the ritual — and show how close creating a buzzword goulash compares to the real thing.”

Shortridge found 20 blog posts from well-known vendors and publications, ran them through an online Markov chain generator, then edited the result to remove vendor names and “eye-gouging grammar.” The process took about six hours, she said. The result is a masterpiece of legitimate-sounding predictions (“Many IoT technologies lack protections to ensure devices cannot be exploited by the cyberspace dark forces”) interspersed with inane but still plausible observations (“In 2018, the cryptocurrency escalates”). At times, the piece is insightful in its bluntness: “Companies can’t count on the internet. We knew full well that this was the near future. It’s simply a ‘good’ business environment of valuable data, data that allows them to move into 2018.”

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