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These are the courses UK police are set to take in cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity UK

Cybersecurity UK

Cybersecurity UK- As law enforcement in the UK and beyond are now expected to tackle the plague of cybersecurity-related fraud, scams, and crimes being committed for the purposes of identity theft and financial gain, they must also now become familiar with the threats, concepts, and — at the least — the basics in how such attacks are conducted.

The police cannot always be on the front line especially when it comes to targeted attacks and scams conducted online. However, in their duty to the public, they do need to be able to advise victims, send them in the right direction, and make them aware of their rights.

As of March 2018, the equivalent of 122,404 full-time police officers were employed in the 43 police forces in England and Wales; and the equivalent of just over 17,000 members of the police are operating in Scotland based on figures from early 2018. Together, the UK has an estimated population of over 66 million.

We have few police officers on the beat and the numbers appear to be dwindling year after year. So, the few we have left need to understand today’s digital threats.

If a friend of mine — a recently anointed member of the UK force — is to be believed, they have such knowledge locked down and know as much, or perhaps more, than your average cybersecurity journalist.

This statement might prompt mirth and mockery for one or both parties involved, but the question remains: what do police officers in the United Kingdom know when it comes to cyberthreats, and how are they given this information?

ZDNet decided to find out.

In November 2018, Cisco announced a partnership with the UK police force which involved the launch of a nationwide initiative to provide access to cybersecurity training for officers.

Through the Cisco Networking Academy, police officers will be offered courses to improve their cybersecurity knowledge.

Andy Beet, from the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Data Communications Group, said the courses and initiative at large would, “raise awareness and increase their understanding of cybercrime and cyberthreats,” and that “it is important for all police officers to understand cybersecurity as fully as possible; by doing so they can develop their knowledge in this increasingly important area, improving security in both their professional and personal lives.”

In order to gain some insight into what training they will receive, I undertook some of the same courses that today’s UK officers will be able to access and will be taught, both online and in person, according to a Cisco spokesperson.

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Article Credit: ZDNet

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