Cloud Myths

Not all applications and workloads are a good fit for cloud.

Cloud Myths
Cloud Myths

Cloud Myths-Beyond a decade that saw a good amount of cloud adoption in enterprise, there are some questions that still remain to be answered. There is lack of clarity on facts and myths that need to be debunked around the cloud- its adoption, suitability, cost, security, deployment an even strategy. There are concepts which are still not clear but business leaders still tend to move forward with it only to later face pitfalls.

Naveen Mishra, Senior Director, Analyst, Gartner gave insights on some of the important myths surrounding the cloud –


    • Cloud is always about money – The decision to use cloud services is usually for reasons other than financial benefits. Don’t assume cost savings until you’ve done the work to analyse your specific situation.


    • You have to be cloud to be good – Lots of things are good. Cloud is good for some things, but not all things. Focus on finding the best fit when using technology that includes cloud — to support your business.


    • Cloud should be used for everything – Not all applications and workloads are a good fit for cloud. Focus on desired outcomes, not whether something is cloud or not cloud. Evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis.


    • We need a one-cloud solution – Your use of cloud services will become increasingly varied and diverse. Establish a cloud strategy that accommodates many different options — cloud and noncloud.


  • Cloud is more secure than on-premises – Enterprises are focusing on the wrong party to improve cloud security. Focus on responsibilities. Avoid generalizations — Cloud is often more secure, but not all cloud providers are equal. Set high standards for all.

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