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The Three Primary Challenges Faced By Today’s IT Managers, and How to Overcome Them

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 We live in the age of digital transformation and as such, there’s more demand on the performance, consistency and reliability of IT systems than ever before. In 2008,  there were already more “things” connected to the Internet than human beings. And by 2020, experts predict that the amount of Internet-connected entities will reach the $50 billion mark.

 That said, as more brands and businesses embrace the digital age, IT systems become all the more complex, extensive, and hyper-connected. Naturally, it’s up to IT managers to ensure everything runs seamlessly while meeting the specific needs of the business.

Increased technical demand coupled with a constant level of digital growth and evolution can put an enormous level of pressure on modern IT managers as they fight to ensure the ongoing health, success and fluency of their company’s IT infrastructure.

Here we explore the three primary challenges faced by today’s IT managers as well as to ways in which to tackle these common technical roadblocks.


Regardless of industry or sector, the efficient management of your IT assets and inventory is critical to the success of any organization. When it comes to managing your IT inventory, there are a host of hardware and software-based elements to consider, from printers and mobile devices through to security management tools and collaborative software.

With the IoT in a state of constant evolution, IT managers face the challenge of managing increasingly complex systems that must accommodate more devices that ever before, meaning that keeping an accurate record of your inventory and what’s connected to your environment ever more difficult. A failure to track your inventory could create operational inefficiencies that cost the business time and money which will, of course, have a negative impact throughout the organization.

The solution: In our tech-driven age, the most viable solution for successful IT inventory management would be to harness the power of a platform that can scan for every single piece of hardware and software in your environment and allow you to manage your inventory from one central location. Not only would this offer you a panoramic snapshot of your entire inventory but it would also give you the tools to manage your network in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Patch Management

IT Patch management is one of the foundations of a successful, sustainable IT system and without an effective plan or strategy, you could leave yourself vulnerable to application errors or cyber-attacks which could prove disastrous to the business.

Akin to handling your inventory, patch management provides a significant challenge in the modern age due to sheer demand and volume – with so many updates, upgrades, platforms and software to consider – keeping up with the pace can seem like an impossible feat.

If your patch management efforts dwindle you could see your IT systems’ functionality and endpoint security suffer which as we all know, is not good, at all.

The solution: Whether you’re talking about patching internal platforms on Windows, MAC or Linux, or patching third-party software, the ability to keep everything safe, secure, up to date and working at optimum capacity on a regular basis is essential. For successful patch management in an increasingly demanding environment, adopting a cloud-based tool that can predict potential inefficiencies, perform patching audits, fix issues and manage vulnerabilities from one centralized location is essential. These days, manual patch management just won’t cut it.

Software Distribution

Software deployment, or the successful distribution of software to the end user, is a pivotal component of IT management success as, essentially, it affects the operational success of your entire organization.

With more to consider than ever before, keeping on top of your software distribution efforts can prove incredibly challenging, but it’s not something you can afford to ignore. Getting the right software into the hands of your users can be time-consuming and paved with a host of roadblocks due to the fact installation and distribution can differ greatly from product to product (or development to development).

The solution: You may be noticing a trend here, but by far the most sustainable solution to tackle the software distribution issue is by implementing an autonomous a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for costly infrastructure while limiting the consumption of precious bandwidth.

The role of IT manager in the modern age is fraught with challenges, but fortunately, we do live in a technologically sophisticated age where solutions are plentiful. For IT managers looking to streamline their efforts and meet increased demand, there are industry-leading innovators such as Cloud Management Suite that provide all of the above solutions in one central, easy to navigate space. No longer will you have to struggle or run the risk of failure, with by using cutting-edge cloud-based platforms to assist you with your ongoing IT management efforts, you will enjoy success today, tomorrow and long into the future – welcome to the future.

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