Sun. Sep 20th, 2020
Real-Time Network Monitoring

So are network diagrams important? Any system is as good as the documentation behind it. And when the system is a computer network, a diagram is the best form of documentation one can have.

Diagrams can have a ton of information. A network diagram will tell you what piece of equipment, how everything is connected and how it will have extra details like IP addresses and other network configuration parameters.

What Are the Types of Real-Time Network Monitoring Tools?

Topology and network diagram mapping tools vary greatly. This is due to the various needs of network administrators. But most importantly, there doesn’t seem to have any consensus on what they are.

To some vendor, they are drafting aids that replace the mechanical pencils, rulers, squares, and drafting tables. To other users, they are advanced software that will discover devices and plot their interconnections, leaving a minimal amount of work for the users.

Others have yet to make it a full management system with some advanced features. For this post, we’ll divide them into two different tools: Topology and mapping tools and drawing tools.

Topology and Network Mapping Tools

These tools do more than help you create network diagrams. Some use real-time network monitoring and other processes like CDP to poll devices and find their interconnections. They’ll use that information to create a graphical representation of your organization’s network.

These tools are not perfect, and the drawings will need some manual purpose. For this reason, some of them will have to include editing facilities. Others, will require you to export the diagram and edit them using more traditional drawing tools.

The more advanced tools are more suited for management systems tan documentation systems. They’ll help you monitor the devices’ performance, and status and, in some situations allow you to manage them from the topology and mapping tool.

Drawing Tools

The next form of tools is the “plain” network drawing tools. These tools will help you with the creation of the network maps. They are the computerized version of drafting tables and have a set of drawing tools.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. In fact, anyone that has experience in manual drafting will see how practical it is when using drawing tools on the computer.

Some tools have additional features besides simple drafting. Some will let you script custom actions when pressing certain objects to the drawing. A good administrator can turn these into a network management system. For instance, a network map can be adjusted so that clicking on one object creates a terminal connection to it.


Real-time network monitoring is important for the growth of your business. It gives you more control over how your daily operations will work and how your IT team will work on their projects. Thus, creating it will help you manage your network and create maps that will protect you from website attacks and keep your organization intact.

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