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The Hidden Mystery behind Android App

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Android devices have a huge number of honest and dedicated users in the world. The Google play store features in all android devices are one of the largest app stores and many of the app developers want to launch their latest applications on android devices. Google play store has a huge collection of applications according to their needs. There are a lot of android users who love to watch movies online on their android devices. Google play store already has a huge collection of online movie streaming applications but the user always desires some latest technologies and latest applications to increase their enjoyment level while watching their favorite movies online. That’s why Google play store continues launching the latest apps to fulfill its users’ desire. In this article, we are going to discuss how to develop an app and what kind of tools and techniques one can use to do the same.

Hidden mysteries:

  • Knowing the user is must:

When one is going to develop an application for android users the first thing to pay attention is to know your users properly. What are their desires about the app and they will pay for them or not? Most Android users love to use free applications and Google play store also has various collections of apps that users can Install absolutely free of cost. That’s why if you are going to develop the latest app then you must go for an absolutely free app for users. Apart from this point you also have to know the user’s desires. The developers can do a research on the user’s reviews of other movie streaming apps. This will find very helpful to know what kind of issues users are facing while running other apps and what kind of latest updates or techniques they want to double their enjoyment.

  • Designing of app:

Most of the developers used to copy IOS, UI or UX supported apps to design their latest apps. This is absolutely wrong because it can cause duplication. That’s why the developers should pay attention while designing their latest applications to avoid duplication. Developers can go for various apps to cross-check the designs and functions to reduce duplication chances. Here we have some guidelines which the developers should keep in their mind while designing an app.

    1. Abstraction: – The developers must go with abstraction principles which will help to reduce duplication information when the program is live.
    2. Independent logics: – The developers should apply the UI and logic codes to work independently on all the screens. They should ensure that all the programming codes are independent. Some good companies are available to help with coding, read more here to find out what they can do.
  • Follow the guidelines:

It’s really necessary to follow the guidelines of android while designing the latest applications. The developers avoid the guidelines then they are surely inviting troubles. So it’s better to go through once from the android guidelines to avoid further issues.

  • Tools to be used:

This is also a major point to pay attention to. The developers should set up some latest and functional tools for the comfort of audiences. It’s really necessary to keep in mind that which kind of tools need to set up the app smoothly to function and it never harms the android device. Developers can try the Android SDK tool for this. One needs 300 MB storage and 20 mints for this SDK download and run process. After downloading SDK open the files and save it in your system and select a location that you can remember to save files. After that open the SDK manager and choose the suitable version of android. By following these steps developers can set up tools to run smoothly their latest apps in android devices. One can also go for Eclipse or Android Studio to set up tools.

  • Tests:

It’s really necessary to check and rest once at your hand before launching the app. This will surely help to improve the features and techniques and this will also admire by the users that they find the proper and well-working app. The developers can hire a professional team to cross-check their latest applications which they are going to launch for Android users. The test process needs two different methods for better results which are an Alpha test and a beta test. A short description of these two methods is given below:

    1. Alpha method: – A small group of android app developers can carry this method. According to these methods the developers can get help from the professional to get bug reports. Some of the high-end devices will be used by the professional to find out the bugs. They also suggest developers with code optimization tips.
    2. Beta method:

In this method, the largest audience is involved. The developers can allow the audience to test their latest movie streaming apps before launching. It also has two different forms.

  1. Open beta:

In this form, the developers can allow the audience to download and run the app by using a link. The user can get the app by a single click on the direct download link.

  1. Closed beta:

The close beta form allows users to get the app through the email address or Google+ community group.

  • Launch:

Once the app is approved by the professional and developer didn’t find any issue while running or functioning app then the developers are able to launch the app on Google play store.


In this article, we have discussed some tips and guidelines for developing and launching the latest applications. If you are going to launch movie streaming apps with the latest features and techniques you must follow the above-given instruction. These tips will surely help you to develop an app according to the user’s desires and needs. We hope the information given by us will help you to do the same. You can leave your comments in the comment box below; our professionals will try to reach you shortly. They will try to give all the necessary answers of your questions.


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